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It's Amazing What 30,000 Cookies Can Do

“Coming to Nashville Rescue Mission is the highlight of my week,” exclaims Kim.
What started out as volunteering to read to the kids staying at Nashville Rescue Mission, has evolved into a ministry Kim is passionate about–loving on the homeless women and children who call the Mission their temporary home
“I never expected a volunteer experience to change me so much,” says Kim. “It has made me grow stronger in my own faith. There was a time when I went down the wrong path. So it’s easy for me to put myself in their shoes. I’m so blessed. And when you think about it, most people are just one paycheck away from disaster, so this could happen to anyone. I do this because I want those who have fallen on hard times to know just how much God loves them.”
Kim’s ministry includes a weekly visit to the Women’s Campus where she drops off 200 homemade cookies that will be served to the homeless women and children at the Mission. “When a woman says to me, ‘Did you bake these just for us?’ with a shocked look on her face, I know I’m doing exactly what God wants me to do.”
When she’s not baking cookies and putting smiles on faces, Kim runs an antique mall in Franklin. “I enjoy my job,” shares Kim. “But doing this… this is my JOY.”
As she lovingly bakes over 200 cookies each week, Kim prays over the baking process and each cookie, knowing it has the potential to bless and bring a smile to someone who is hungry, homeless, and hurting.
But Kim’s love for the women and children at Nashville Rescue Mission extends beyond cookies. “This will be my third year helping with the Mother’s Day Banquet,” shares Kim. “I’m so excited. Even though my family lives out of town, my mom, sister, step sister, and niece are coming in to help me prepare and serve a special lunch to the women on Mother’s Day. I can’t wait. We’ll have a delicious lunch, goody bags for the moms and kids, and flowers on every table. It’s a joyful day of celebrating.”
Just in the last year, Kim’s decided to bring either a cake or cupcakes on a monthly basis to help those women and children with birthdays celebrate their special day. “I love my birthday,” says Kim. “I can’t imagine not having cake on my birthday. I was inspired to do this when we celebrated my daughter’s 26th birthday. Each of these women is someone’s daughter and they deserve cake!” Kim has no problem putting herself in their shoes.
“If I could give Nashville Rescue Mission my entire paycheck I would,” Kim declares boldly. “Jesus was homeless and look how He turned out. I love seeing how God works. There are so many things we could do as volunteers and donors to meet the endless needs they have at the Mission. For me, I do it out of love. I needed to see God and serving at the Mission, makes God real for me. It’s more thank cookies and cake, it’s love.”

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