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In The Cold of Winter

Charles never imagined he would spend his retirement years living on the streets. But that’s precisely where some compassionate people found him last winter before bringing him to Nashville Rescue Mission.


Golden Years on The Streets

“I have dementia,” shares Charles. “I’ve spent the better part of ten years living on the streets. Being homeless is hard. It’s especially hard when it’s cold outside. All my family is gone. My girlfriend died five years ago, and since then I’ve been alone. I got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital. It got to the point where I couldn’t take care of myself.”


The Reality of Homelessness in Winter

It’s hard to imagine having to sleep in a tent, every night, especially when it’s bitter cold. The reality is far worse. Hypothermia, frostbite, and pneumonia threaten the homeless every day of the winter season. But your generosity gives those like Charles, a safe, warm alternative to sleeping on the streets.


Open Doors

Thanks to faithful friends like you, men, women, and children are always welcome to our emergency shelter. They are welcomed just as they are … cold, hungry, and tired … and you give them a warm place to stay, a meal to fill their empty stomach, and a place they can rest from the worries they face. Imagine what might have happened to Charles if caring neighbors hadn’t found him? Or if the Mission wasn’t here to help him?

Thankfully, someone did find Charles and because of your support, he found rescue and refuge at Nashville Rescue Mission. Through case management, it was discovered that for many years Charles had worked as a mechanic for Sears before developing dementia and had some retirement savings he didn’t know about.

Thanks to you, Charles recently moved out of the Mission and into a long-term care facility that is fully equipped to care for him as he battles dementia. Who knows where Charles might be were it not for you and the Mission?


Charles is just one of many men who has found help and hope at Nashville Rescue Mission. Your gift today will help us serve even more.

This winter there are more men and women, much like Charles, battling life on the streets. Which is why your support to provide basic necessities to our neighbors in need is so critical.

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