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Happy To Help

“My wife and I moved here in 2013. We knew right away that we wanted to help support local organizations,” shared Max Lauritzen.

“We first started making financial donations to the Mission, then dropping things off at their Donation Center. But it wasn’t until the pandemic that I found myself with more time on my hands and decided to start volunteering.”

Max shared that this desire to help others comes from his heart and goes back to his childhood. Growing up in South Carolina, he remembers his dad working in prison ministry. He also recalls helping bag groceries with his mom at their church’s local food bank and giving them to families in need. These things made an impression on him.

“I look forward to assisting guests with setting up email accounts, looking for jobs, creating a resume, or applying for a position.”

“Several things attracted me to Nashville Rescue Mission,” shared Max. “First, I love that it’s open to everyone. Anyone who has a need can go to the Mission and receive help. I also appreciate the fact that it’s founded on Christian principles. It brings to mind the verse Proverbs 22:2, which says, ‘The rich and the poor have this in common: The LORD is Maker of them all.’ For me, volunteering at the Mission is also an act of worship.”

While volunteering, Max shared that he’s had a chance to learn more about the programs the Mission offers.

“It’s incredible to see the opportunity men and women have through the Life Recovery Program to learn, heal, grow, move into transitional housing, and save money so they can get an apartment and become independent. I’ve seen many of them grow in their confidence, and I’ve watched their faith grow.”

According to Max, it’s been an incredible blessing. And he had enjoyed it so much that when he learned there was a need for someone to assist in the Mission’s computer lab, Max was ready, willing, and able.

“I look forward to assisting guests with setting up email accounts, looking for jobs, creating a resume, or applying for a position. I’m happy to help in whatever way I can. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with serving at the Mission.”

The Mission is so grateful for volunteers such as Max, who are faithful to serve and are willing to jump in wherever there is a need. If you’d like to jump in and help too, you can sign up to volunteer here.

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