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God’s Prompting to Pray

“Several years ago I felt a strong prompting from the Lord to pray for the women staying at the Mission. The funny thing is, at the time, I didn’t think women were staying there.”

But the prompting was so strong, Shawna finally searched online and discovered not only were women staying there, but also there were mothers with children finding refuge at the Mission.

And for the next year, Shawna continued to pray for the women and children the Lord had burdened her heart for. It wasn’t until her dear friend, Jennifer, a supporter of the Mission, who participated in Shawna’s Bible study, invited her to take the Mission’s “I Had No Idea” tour that Shawna experienced the Mission for herself.

“When Jennifer invited me to join her on this tour, all I could think was that this was no coincidence. It was a divine appointment from God.”

During the tour, Shawna met several staff members, as well as participants in the Mission’s Life Recovery Program. The experience deeply moved her.

With many years of teaching the Bible and leading Bible studies for women throughout the community, Shawna asked if there was an opportunity to teach the women in the program. Her request was met with a resounding yes.

“I am honored and blessed by my experience as a volunteer at the Mission,” shared Shawna. “My passion is teaching the Bible. With each lesson, I see the healing as it takes place right before my eyes in each of these women. On their first day in my class, some of them can barely lift their heads up. Over time, I see their confidence build, and I see them transform right before my eyes. It is amazing. Only God can do that.”

“A few years ago, that same friend invited me to join her at a fundraising event for the Mission called Hearts of Hope. Before the event, she expressed a need they had for donations of nice clothes, shoes, and accessories so the women could dress up and attend this event.” The outpouring of support from the women in Shawna’s Bible study was astounding. She lost count of how many trips she made to the Mission to donate clothes, shoes, and more for these women she had grown to care for so deeply.

“One thing this experience taught me is that many people in the community want to be a part of helping, but they often don’t know how. Once I invited people to join me in these efforts and pointed them in the right direction, I was amazed by their response.” Twice a month, Shawna delivers an early morning time of devotion for the women in the Life Recovery Program.

“Each time, I thank God for letting me be a part of starting their day. I hope and pray it makes their day just a little bit better.”

“I think what Nashville Rescue Mission does is so beautiful. Our city should be proud of them and the great work they are doing. I’m glad I get to be a part of it.”

“I am honored and blessed by my experience as a volunteer at the Mission.”

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