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Caroline Kole

They all wore pretty outfits, and they had even prettier smiles. They enjoyed a gourmet meal. They were presented with red roses. They were treated to a private concert. Who are “they?” They are the women of Nashville Rescue Mission.
This could have been a scene at any fancy charity event going on in Nashville. But this one touched my heart like no other. All those beautiful guests of honor had one thing in common, homelessness and a broken road that got them there.
Two years ago, I had the honor of being invited by Reba to entertain the ladies of Nashville Rescue Mission at a special Valentine’s Day luncheon, called “Hearts of Hope.” At first, I thought the most exciting thing in this scenario was the opportunity to perform alongside Reba—my idol. (I was hoping I wouldn’t forget the words to a song or miss a chord on the guitar!) I soon learned that equally as exciting was meeting such women of strength and hearing their stories of survival and redemption.
Maybe I had a different idea of homelessness and those affected by it before I met so many of them. We took photos together; we sang together; we commented on each others cute shoes. Just a regular group of ladies, doing what we ladies like to do. Hearing their stories of hitting rock bottom and how the Mission was the only constant in their life, the only place that didn’t greet them with a “NO” upon arrival, was so powerful. Many of us in the room were moved to tears. God is Great!
Reba has been amazing to me … allowing me to open for her incredible band all across the USA, while being a true friend and mentor. I have seen sights I would have never seen without her. And now, I have her to thank for introducing me to the work Nashville Rescue Mission does. For the second year Reba and I had a great time sharing our Valentine’s Day with everyone there … but one thing that made us both so happy was how much the event has grown. We hope it continues to grow!
We are lucky Nashville has so many incredible things to offer as a great city—music, culture, fabulous food (HOT CHICKEN!), southern hospitality (YES MA’AM!), beautiful seasons and scenery, and after being a part of “Hearts of Hope,” I count Nashville Rescue Mission as one of its great assets.

Caroline Kole is a Country Music Artist, with two top 30 albums and two #1 videos to her name. She tours the country with her band, performing with many of the top names in Country Music. Caroline moved to Music City five years ago to start high school and pursue a career in music. She recently graduated from Father Ryan High School and will attend Belmont University this fall.

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