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Bob Clement – Mission in My Words

Bob Clement
I grew up in Nashville, and for as long as I can remember the Nashville Rescue Mission has been around caring for the homeless men, women and children in Middle Tennessee. In fact, they have been an integral part of our community since 1954. As a former U.S. Congressman, and a citizen who has volunteered with my family at the Mission many times over the years, I have seen the amazing work that takes place there first hand. I am very proud to support a ministry that helps so many people who are in need while also making a positive impact on the welfare of our entire community.
As a veteran of the United States Army and the Tennessee Army National Guard, I have a strong sense of loyalty to those men and women who have sacrificed so much to make sure America is free. It truly saddens me to see so many of those who have served our great nation living on the streets, but I am grateful they have a place like the Nashville Rescue Mission to go to when there is no where else to turn. At the Mission, they are provided with food, clothing and shelter, and are also treated with kindness and respect.
Day in and day out, the Mission helps those who cannot help themselves. Unfortunately, the need for the services they provide continues to grow. And with people losing jobs and their homes, more folks than ever are arriving at the Mission’s doors seeking help.
“It doesn’t matter our background or our faith, sometimes we all need a little help. The Mission does that for those in need.”
Did you know they do all of this free of charge? They do not receive any government funding. This means none of your tax dollars pay for their services. So, how can they do this without government support? They can do it because of people like you who support them with your time, resources and prayers.
By supporting the Nashville Rescue Mission you are investing in rebuilding broken lives. The money you donate goes towards feeding, clothing and sheltering those who have nowhere else to go. The time you volunteer changes lives—both theirs and yours.
My wife Mary and I have tried to instill a sense of service in our 4 children. We believe we’ve been blessed and are therefore called to bless others. Supporting the Nashville Rescue Mission is just one of the ways we give back.
I can’t imagine what Nashville would be like without the services offered by the Mission. They provide an invaluable service and I know without a doubt, that Nashville is a better city because they are here.
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