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Big D & Bubba – Mission in My Words

Big D & Bubba

We have been BIG supporters of the Nashville Rescue Mission for years. The Mission has been quietly and consistently serving the poor of our community longer than the two of us have been alive. The service they provide to the city of Nashville is beyond measure.
The Nashville Rescue Mission is on the front lines helping those who can no longer help themselves. Written off and discarded by society, the homeless find respect and compassion once they enter the doors of the Mission. They show up for a meal and a place to sleep. But for many, it’s through entering into the Mission’s life-recovery program that saves their life.
The Mission has been taking care of folks in trouble for a long time. Trouble comes in many forms—yes, there are many with substance abuse problems. How about the recent floods, the economy and so many job losses and home foreclosures? What about these folks? The Mission is there for them, too.

“We are so glad the city we call home has a place for the homeless. Thank you Nashville Rescue Mission for serving those in need.”

We get to join Tracy Lawrence and friends each Thanksgiving to fry turkeys for our homeless friends. What a day! Our first year doing this event was a paradigm shift for us. We arrived there with our sleeves rolled up, ready to do our part to help the homeless. You know—it’s the right thing to do. But during the day something changed. Yes, we were there because of our civic duty and all. But it was the conversations, the stories and the faces that really made an impact on us. By the end of the day it was Big D & Bubba who were being helped. We received a HUGE blessing and we are better off being there that day, not for the turkeys we fried but for the people we met.
The Nashville Rescue Mission is a remarkable place. You don’t even have to be homeless to receive the benefits of their service. Don’t just take our word for it. Go there and serve. You’ll see. There is a blessing with your name on it taking up space. Will you get down there and get it already!   
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