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A Road To Recovery

Chelsie’s childhood was far from idyllic. By the time she was 13, she was drinking and using drugs. At 17, she was kicked out of school. And by 22, she was married and had two children. 

“I quit using drugs when I got married,” said Chelsie. “I was clean and sober during my first pregnancy. But by my second pregnancy, I had gone back to using drugs. I tried to detox, but I simply could not quit.”

When her son was born, the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) got involved because of her addiction. Chelsie was devastated at the possibility of losing her kids and gave up hope. “I abandoned my kids. I got divorced. I had no will to live and I did not care what happened to me.”

Chelsie went on to battle a vicious cycle of rehab and relapse. She knew her parents were ready to give up on her when she heard about Nashville Rescue Mission’s recovery program.

“I never had hope before. I was sure I would die in my addiction.”

“I began the program in October 2015,” shared Chelsie. “Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. I already had two children taken away from me—I didn’t want to lose this one, too.”

“I’m so grateful for the Mission,” said Chelsie. “Few places will accept pregnant moms who are addicted. I’m not sure where else I could have gone. They were my last hope.” With classes on topics like anger, boundaries, studying the Bible, and repentance, Chelsie said, “The classes were exactly what I needed.”

Over time, Chelsie went from seeing God as a punishing God to one who was loving and caring. “I developed a personal relationship with Him,” said Chelsie.

“I learned to trust God. The Mission gave me hope. I never had hope before. I was sure I would die in my addiction. I never felt valued. Now I am finally okay with me.”

Today, Chelsie is happily married and working full time for ABLE, a global company that makes beautiful products by women who have overcome tremendous obstacles. And because of you, Chelsie was able to overcome her addiction and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Every day, women like Chelsie walk through the doors of the Mission seeking that same help and hope. It’s why your gifts mean so much. You make life transformation possible.

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