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A Firsthand View

How one volunteer enjoys having a front row seat to new life transformation

“I first started volunteering at the Mission through the Christian Writers Network in 2012,” Morgann David shared. “I lead worship at chapel services and coffeehouse events on Friday nights.”

“I grew up in a rural mining community in Virginia. My parents would share stories about the blessings that come from giving and listening to God’s voice when He leads you to do something for someone. That general mindset is what set the stage for my relationship with the Mission and why I wanted to serve there.”

Morgann comes one or two times a month to bless guests with her time and talent. She says one of the greatest blessings is seeing firsthand the growth of someone from the time they first arrive to when they graduate. “There is this incredible transformation that takes place. It’s remarkable!”

“The Mission is a great place to serve where you know you’ll make a difference.”

One story that stands out to Morgann was when she and her friend Bethany performed at a coffeehouse event for the women in the Life Recovery Program. “We distinctly noticed a woman in the back of the room with a huge scowl on her face. After it was over, everyone exited, and we began to pack up. Suddenly, the door flung open, and this same woman came through the door, shaking and sobbing—she could barely speak.”

Once she calmed down a little, she shared her story with Morgann and Bethany. Telling them, she was battling anger and resentment. And while listening to them perform, she felt God dealing with her.

“She told us that as she put her hand on the rail to go back upstairs, it was so hot it burned her hand,” said Morgann. “She said she knew she wasn’t supposed to go up those stairs without being obedient to God. We prayed with her and encouraged her. Telling her, we believed in her and her ability to overcome anger and addiction with God’s help.”

The next time Morgann was at the Mission, she almost didn’t recognize this woman.

“She had a beautiful smile, and her face was glowing. She was a different person!” Morgann exclaimed. “She told us that night was a turning point. I felt honored to be used by God and grateful for the platform the Mission provided to facilitate her life change.”

According to Morgann, “The Mission is a great place to serve where you know you’ll make a difference! Plus, it’s fun! People often overlook that aspect of volunteerism, but when you believe in a cause and love the people, it’s a very joyful and fulfilling thing. I’m so thankful to be a part of the ministry!”

Volunteers like Morgann are making a difference every day in the lives of those the Mission serves. We invite you to visit this link to learn more about how you too can get involved and see firsthand the transformation that takes place daily here. 

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