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Help People Find Freedom in Recovery


Living in addiction, isolation, and bad relationships can shackle men and women, holding them back from true love, peace, and freedom. This is true for James and Jodie* who are now walking through recovery in our Life Recovery Program. With addiction no longer holding a grip on their lives, people like James and Jodie now walk free.



“From the early age of 15, I began drinking mostly on weekends with buddies from school and gradually it became more and more regular for me. I believed alcohol made everything more enjoyable until life started happening and I lost some loved ones and then I began to use alcohol the numb the pain of the loss I felt.”

“Alcohol abuse destroyed every relationship I had and only made every emotional, physical, and mental issue I had even worse. When my health deteriorated and I hit rock bottom, I picked up the phone and reached out for help from Nashville Rescue Mission. Today, I am #Free from fear—fear of being rejected, unloved and unwanted… free from alcohol and toxic relationships.”

James recently graduated from the Men’s Life Recovery Program at the Mission. “I don’t have to wear the mask of anger, addiction, or denial any longer. I have learned how to use the recovery tools I picked up in the program to deal with the tough hand life hands us sometimes. It all starts with emotional awareness and honesty with myself. The Holy Spirit is always on time. Never late. When those emotional red flags pop up, God is always with me to handle any situation. Praise God!”


“Freedom, to me, is living my best Godly life, free from all drugs, alcohol, and other things that cloud my mind or judgement. Freedom is having my life in control and becoming a productive member of society.” I’m free from “alcohol, drugs, isolation, bad relationships and friendships… from feeling alone. God brought me to Nashville Rescue Mission and I would tell anyone looking for treatment and hope to come to the Life Recovery Program.”

“My mind and body and soul have been changed here—in the Women’s Life Recovery Program. I have gained tools to use and and have a new relationship with God. I have gotten a new way of thinking, new friends and community, and I am spiritually driven.” Jodie* is only weeks away from graduating and has experienced restoration in many areas of her life.

“My old way of life affected my health and isolated me from family and friends. I can now talk to my son. Me and my fiancé will be getting married. I am going to graduate soon. My walk with God has blossomed.”

*Name changed for privacy.



Freedom found in Jesus’ sacrifice is freedom for all. So following America’s recognized Juneteenth and Independence Day, we honor every man and woman who is walking free and ask that you continue to pray for those who have found themselves stuck in addiction, abusive relationships, and hopelessness.

Freedom is found here—at Nashville Rescue Mission.

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