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$2.26 Gives an Easter Meal and More!

Now is the time to share the Resurrection hope of Easter! Hearty Easter meals for our homeless neighbors communicate, “You are seen. You are loved. And a new day has dawned!”
Your generous gift will help another mom like Katelyn who was out of money and nearly out of gas, and completely out of hope. Hitting rock bottom, she assumed she’d have to sleep in the car with her two school-aged children and infant.

“I was down to my last dollar. I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go.”

She arrived at the Mission around 9:30 p.m. “Even though it was late, they welcomed us with open arms. Everyone was so nice, asking if we’d eaten or needed showers. I was so relieved they had a bed for us and that we could sleep in a safe place and not in my car.”
Today, Katelyn is hopeful and optimistic. “My kids have enjoyed being here. They’ve made friends. They like having a place to play, outside and inside. I appreciate the support and safety this place provides. I am so thankful the Mission had room for us.”

“The Mission has provided for us in ways I could not. They’re helping me get back on my feet, and I’m grateful.”

This is the impact of your gift today! You’ll make sure someone like Katelyn receives the safe shelter and care she needs to get back on her feet. You’ll give the gift of HOPE … and so much more.

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