This Thanksgiving, hope begins with a meal

Each $2.26 you give will provide a Thanksgiving meal—and more—to someone in desperate need.


Someone like Kayla needs your help

A simple Thanksgiving meal could be the start of a miracle for someone like Kayla. She was living with her children in a one room apartment. It was the dead of winter. They had no heat or electricity.

"I couldn't cook for my family, which meant no hot meals or hot water. We ate sandwiches and took cold showers."

Kayla knew they couldn't survive there long. She needed a solution, but felt out of options.

Even with her job at a local restaurant, she knew it would be a while before she could afford any kind of improvement to their living situation. Then one day her manager told her about Nashville Rescue Mission, suggesting she check it out.

"I had never stayed at a shelter before," Kayla says, "so I wasn't sure what to expect. But I had to provide my children with a safe place to sleep, a warm bed, and hot meals to eat. I was desperate."

"If not for Nashville Rescue Mission, my four kids and I would be living in my car. We had nowhere else to go."

Hope Begins with A safe place for FAMILIES LIKE KAYLA'S to come and share a hot meal

You can provide this hope for just $2.26 this Thanksgiving.


You can be a life-changer!

Looking back, Kayla says the Mission was a godsend. She and her children are in a safe, stable place now. The children are in school because people like you gave so the Mission could help with backpacks, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and transportation.

Kayla is thankful for what the generous supporters of the Mission have done for her family. But most of all, she's thankful for the place that fostered hope in her again.

Give hope to someone like Kayla who needs it this Thanksgiving!

You can have an enormous impact

So many of our homeless and hungry neighbors spend every day just trying to survive. They feel invisible and out of options. But you can change that.

This Thanksgiving, show someone how much God loves them. The Thanksgiving meal you provide could also be the start to something much bigger; it's your opportunity to restore dignity, show value, and remind the hurting, lost, and undone that they are worthy of God's love.

We're ready to serve. Are you?
Hundreds of homeless, hungry, and hurting guests will flood through our doors this Thanksgiving. We want to be ready! And we urgently need your help.

No one should go hungry on Thanksgiving. But this is more than a meal. It's about giving hope to broken people. It's about showing them how deeply God loves them.

New life begins with a meal you can provide this Thanksgiving.

Save more lives with your summer gift today.

Please be as generous as possible to help give more homeless neighbors hope to get off the streets, starting with a $1.48 meal.